Bylaws of the Village of Craven are available in pdf format from the list below. The bylaws will open in a new window after clicking on the appropriate link. Information contained on these pages has no legal status and have been provided solely for research and/or convenience.

This is not an official listing of all of the Village of Craven Bylaws. The official bylaws are available from the Village of Craven office and must be consulted for purposes of interpretation and application of the law. For information on Bylaws not provided on this site or to view the original, please contact the Village Office Administrator at
306-731-3452 or email

Administrator and Designated Officers Bylaw 06-2021

Animal Control Bylaw 02-2020

Appeal Fees Bylaw 02-97

Base Tax Bylaw 01-2023

Boards and Committees Bylaw 01-2014

Borrowing By Way Of Debenture

Building Bylaw 03-2023

Business License Bylaw 03-2024

Cat Bylaw 03-2021

Cemetery Bylaw 04-2024

Code of Ethics Bylaw 2018-01

Collection of Taxes Bylaw 04-01/83

Council Procedures Bylaw 2016-02

Craven Hall Bylaw 01-83

Debenture Bylaw 05-2024

Dog Bylaw 01-2017

Domestic Waste Bylaw 02-2023

Emergency Measures Organization Bylaw 02-2024

Employee Code of Conduct Bylaw 01-20

Establish Committees Bylaw 01-2014

Fire Restriction Bylaw 07-2021

General Penalty Bylaw 03-1992

Lagoon Bylaw 03-95

Mailing of Assessment Notices Bylaw 06-2024

Mill Rate Factor Bylaw 05-2021

No Blocking Bylaw 06-95

Numbering of houses Bylaw 02-90

Noise Bylaw 01-1991

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 02-2011

Private Swimming Pool Bylaw 01-2022

Prohibit Vehicles in excess Bylaw 01-00

Protective Services Costs Recovery Bylaw 04-2021

Public Notice Policy Bylaw 2016-01

Regional Rideshare Bylaw 02-2021

Regulate Operation of Vehicles Bylaw 04-84

Tax Collection Bylaw 04-01-83

Tax Incentives and penalties Bylaw 02-2012

Unclaimed Personal Property 04-2022

Utility Billing Bylaw 01-09

Utility & Sewer Bylaw 02-2018

Utility – Water Rate Change Bylaw 03-2022

Utility Management Bylaw 01-2024