2023 DRAFT Agendas & Minutes

The Village of Craven takes every effort to keep this data as accurate and current as possible. All Minutes for the Village may not be listed below, and Attachments/Appendix may be missing. If you are looking for Attachments/Appendix or minutes that are not listed call the Office and inquire. This data is for reference purposes only. Please contact the Village of Craven if you are intending to use this data for legal purposes. Please do not copy and disseminate this information without the consent of the Village Administration. When using the information contained herein, the original Minutes and Attachments/Appendix should be consulted for the purpose of interpretation and application of the law.

The adoption of prior minutes is approved and posted after the following council meeting. 

The DRAFT Agenda’s are attached for the public viewing. The agenda may be changed at any time. 

January 2023 Agenda
January 2023 Regular Minutes

February 2023 Agenda
 February 2023 Minutes

March 2023 Agenda

March 2023 Minutes

April 2023 Agenda
April 2023 Minutes

April 2023 Budget Minutes

 May 2023 Agenda
May 2023 Minutes

June 2023 Agenda
 June 2023 Minutes

 July 2023 Agenda
July 2023 Minutes

August 2023 Agenda
August 2023 Minutes

September 2023 Agenda
September 2023 Minutes

October 2023 Agenda
October 2023 Minutes

November 2023 Agenda
November 2023 Minutes

December 2023 Agenda
December 2023 Minutes